Court Dox Share Tragic Deets Of Teen Gunned Down Trying To Save Mom From Stepdad

Check reports of a tragic northland domestic violence instance that proved fatal for a young man coming to the rescue of his mom . . .

The woman’s daughter, who was home at the time of the shooting called her 17-year-old brother for help. The teenager came home with two friends. He ran into the house to help his mother and sister leave the home, according to witnesses accounts that are included in the probable cause statement. Witnesses said the 17-year-old did not have a weapon, according to those same witnesses.

The 17-year-old started banging on the door of the master bedroom, yelling at Woods. The probable cause statement said Woods opened the bedroom door and shot his stepson as many as five-times. Woods’ wife told investigators she laid on top of her son to protect him. She eventually ran out of the house, but turned around to go back to her son. The probable cause statement said Woods then shot her through the front door of the house.

Crime scene technicians located multiple spent 9mm shell casings, a spent shotgun shell, multiple shotgun shell rounds, two handguns and a shotgun.

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Man charged with first-degree murder in 17-year-old stepson's death

A Kansas City man is charged with first-degree murder and other crimes in the shooting death of his 17-year-old son, a student at Staley High School.

Smithville elementary teacher charged with murder after domestic violence incident in the Northland

45-year-old Steven Lester Woods faces several criminal charges following an incident that left an 18-year-old Staley High School student dead

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