Could Taylor Swift Stop Kansas City Chiefs Tomahawk Chop?!?

Not even close to likely.

However, here's what we've learned over the years by way of blogging Kansas City news. 

The career of every activist, progressive or conservative, is to ask for the ridiculous and hope to gain advantage by way of culture war luck.

And so . . . We don't mind doubling back in order to take a quick peek at this request:

This org is called Not In Our Honor, and it's headed up by Rhonda LeValdo, who was out there among other Native American activists and advocates with signage reflecting their demands ... namely, lose the chop and maybe even the team name.

She tells TMZ ... she and her group are making a direct plea to Taylor, now that she's got a seat at the proverbial table, saying ... "We remain hopeful that an outside influence like Ms. Swift could be an ally for us in moving the conversation forward on why the chop is a racist act."

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A Native American group is hoping Taylor Swift can influence the Kansas City Chiefs to end the tomahawk chop thanks to her recent link to Travis Kelce.

Native Americans Want Taylor Swift to Help End K.C. Chiefs' Tomahawk Chop

Taylor Swift is in tight with the Kansas City Chiefs now that she's linked to Travis Kelce -- and as a result of her proximity/influence ... one Native American group is making a big ask.

You decide . . .