Marion County, Kansas Mayor Absolves Police, Blames Judge & Laments 'Hick' Image

There was an opportunity here TO SAY NOTHING and avoid an embarrassing interview that makes the town's honcho look clueless . . . Instead, this politico proved his complaints correct .  . . Check-it: 

Marion Mayor David Mayfield still isn’t “sure exactly what they did wrong.” With his Kansas town still feeling the fallout over last month’s infamous raid of the Marion County Record, Mayfield said the finger should really be pointed at the judge who initially approved the search warrants. “I mean, everybody’s looking at Marion like we’re a bunch of hicks now,” he told The Wichita Eagle.

 And, given this kind of thoughtful quote, who could blame them?!?!

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Marion Mayor Not Sure What Cops 'Did Wrong' in Newspaper Raid

"I mean, everybody's looking at Marion like we're a bunch of hicks now," Mayor David Mayfield said, adding that the police chief is getting a bum rap.