Arthur Bryant's Keeps Running Out Of Beef

We notice a customer complaint talking hold amid new ownership of a local institution.

Normally we don't run consumer reports but this one kinda resonates after last year's big story about brisket prices that earned nationwide recognition. 

Here's the word . . . 

Apparently, customers arriving after 7 are often told that beef is unavailable and only pork or burnt end sandwiches on the menu. 

A word from a longtime TKC reader . . .

"Failing to provide their flagship offering for customers after 7pm is an OBVIOUS sign that this place is struggling under new management.  The loyal customers seem to know things have changed. Maybe it's part of the bigger picture labor shortage . . . But clearly local restaurants continue to take a hit." 

And so . . . This post is making us hungry and so we advise locals to chose wisely for lunchtime as we look at a salad and weep. 

Developing . . .