Will Mayor Q's Anti-Gun Crackdown Curb Kansas City Violence???

A simple question . . .


As the ongoing KCMO historic homicide spike of 2023 moves forward . . . This question is going to become increasingly important. 

Conservative critics will tell us to look at places like Chicago for draconian gun laws that have absolutely no impact on street level deadly shootings. 

Meanwhile . . . Mayor Q has argued that his efforts are inspired by conversations with police.

Sadly . . .

We can't help but notice that a great deal of this legislation is just another flex against Jeff City Republicans. 

To be fair . . . Laws targeting youngsters with guns and (already) illegal firearm tech might be more practical than 30 MILLION BUCKS dedicated to funding no-show "community" jobs and neighborhood cookouts.

Here's the word . . .

The mayor's proposed ordinances come nearly a decade after state lawmakers passed a bill preventing cities and counties from enacting gun policies. But Lucas said he drafted his in a way to skirt that.

"Change does not happen through status quo," he said. "Change does not exist through the same solutions as always, and so you need innovative solutions like this one."

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KC mayor introduces plan to city council to try and curb gun violence

Kansas City consistently ranks among the FBI's Top 10 Cities with the Highest Violent Crime Rates.