Warning: Ripoff Crypto ATMs Proliferate In Kansas City Urban Core

To be fair . . . ATMs in general can be a bit of a ripoff. 

However . . . 

The schemes at work in local bodegas and corner stores are even worse than big banks beating up customers with hefty fees.

Here's a peek . . .

“It’s a low-income area with primarily Hispanic, African-American, people who are immigrants,” said Jocelyn Evans, the Henry W. Bloch endowed chair of finance and an associate dean at the University of Missouri-Kansas City. “I just wondered how much people know about cryptocurrency and, with a standalone machine, how much people knew when they made transactions with these machines.”

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High-fee crypto ATMs center around low-income parts of Kansas City

Bitcoin, RockItCoin and other crypto ATM companies are plentiful in low-income Kansas City neighborhoods. Experts say the machines are targeting residents with extraordinary fees.