TKC Reader: Deal With New Royals Stadium

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TKC, a new stadium is happening. It is. From reading the comments section people need to get that in their head. It’s going to happen either in NKC, the East Village or somewhere else. But it’s going down.

What I can’t get my head around are people who talk about the K like it’s the alpha and omega of stadiums. People who say this have never been to another ballpark in their life. The K is well, O-K. Hell the K isn’t even the best ballpark in MO. Bush stadium is better. Remember when the All Star Game came to town? The national reaction to the stadium was overwhelming “Meh.”

Nothing indicates the national perception of the K as Washington Post reporter Thomas Boswell who in 2017 had it rank 17th in ballparks in MLB. He wrote: 17. Kansas City used to be in my top 10 easily. Then they screwed the place up by destroying most of their outfield water features and chopping up the beautiful sweep of outfield architecture. It’s is by far the most damage that I have ever seen done to a wonderful sports facility by people who, I am sure, had the best intentions. I’ve tried through an All-Star Game and two World Series to make my peace with the place. I can’t. I want to scream, “All that this place had going for it, out here in West Nowhere, was gorgeous design and the water fountains at night — but that was enough!”

It’s O-K. It’s going to happen. The Question is where and how much?

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The Royals' stadium and ballpark district plans will require building demolitions no matter where the team decides to build it. Community Builders of Kansas City has had early talks with the Royals about replacing 50 affordable units, and partnering to build more, if the stadium is built in the East Village.

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FOX4 has obtained a survey asking Clay County residents how they feel about a new Kansas City Royals stadium either north or south of the river.

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The new Kansas City Royals stadium renderings are here, the new Kansas City Royals stadium renderings are here! Or should I say "renderingses," because the freshly updated KC Ballpark District website actually contains two sets of renderings, one for downtown K.C. (the East Village District) and one for North Kansas City (the North Kansas City District).

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