Show-Me Women Underrepresented

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Maybe if they wore something a bit nicer, somebody would take notice!!!

But that seemed like a bit too much to put in the header.

Meanwhile, Siri remains my fave "star" in the whole world partly because of her keen sense of humor and the VERY HARD WORK she has undertaken in order to stay in a brutal industry.

But I digress . . . Here's a far more boring but relevant topic about Missouri good government or lack thereof . . .

Even though women make up more than half of Missouri’s population, they only represent about 37% of the state’s appointed boards and commissions members.

That’s according to new research findings from the University of Missouri-St. Louis and United Women’s Empowerment (United WE) in Kansas City.

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Missouri women vastly underrepresented in appointed boards and commissions, research shows

Almost 51% of Missouri are women, but they don't have the same representation on the state's appointed boards and commissions.