Show-Me Historically Cruel Chicken Cuts

Small town Missouri residents confront another hit that will resonate across the state and might make many red state voters a little less excited about supporting the status quo and/ore campaigns that tout values over real world economic reforms . . . Check-it . . .

"The U.S. economy has seen a recent spike in business investment, partly fueled by historic levels of federal spending on domestic manufacturing, including in rural areas. But it’s unclear whether that boom will come fast enough for the more than 4,600 Tyson plant workers being cut in Missouri, Indiana, Arkansas and Virginia this year and next — layoffs that highlight the sometimes risky entanglements between small communities and big industrial employers. "

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Rural town braces for Tyson plant closure as manufacturing booms elsewhere

The meat giant is closing six chicken processing sites in Missouri, Indiana, Arkansas and Virginia, laying off more than 4,600 workers who have long relied on its outsize presence as a local employer.