Show-Me Hawley Backing Down Against Missouri Abortion Vote Stall Ball?!?

Actually, for those of us who can read polling and don't let our emotions get the better of us . . . This is a smart move in theory even if it won't likely help him with GOP hardliners one bit.

Here's the word that's worth considering because it's good info that presents data that will challenge your deeply-held beliefs . . . And provide more evidence that youngsters are increasingly on their own. 

Check-it . . .

"The motive for all this anti-democracy mischief is obvious: Polls indicate that in Missouri, as in most of America, voters would endorse reasonable abortion rights if given the chance at an up-or-down vote — as voters in a half-dozen states, including deep-red Kansas and Kentucky, have demonstrated since Roe was overturned last year.

"So anti-choice forces are pulling out all the stops to make sure the voters don’t get to be heard. Of course, that sounds bad even to most of those who oppose abortion rights. Which explains why Hawley and Schmitt last week both appeared to distance themselves from the most extreme efforts of their party on this issue.

“I think voters ought to be able to weigh in and in every state and jurisdiction they want to,” Hawley said at the state fair in Sedalia, as reported by the Post-Dispatch’s Jack Suntrup. Schmitt said it is “inevitable that the question will be presented to Missouri voters at some point.” Both specified that they favor exceptions to the state abortion ban for the victims of rape and incest."

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Editorial: Hawley, Schmitt say Missouri should be able to vote on abortion. Tell that to their party.

Have Josh Hawley and Eric Schmitt suddenly gone all wobbly on the GOP's relentless campaign to stamp out every last vestige of biological self-determination for America's women? Not necessarily.