Shawnee Politically Slaps Mayor Distler On Her Way Out

Local politics never worked out for this lady and now the newspaper documents ongoing disrespect sent her way as she leaves office but seems to make a worthwhile argument . . .

“I think it’s bad policy to only appoint friends, especially those who are currently giving campaign contributions to council involved in the current election,” Shawnee, Mayor Michelle Distler told the council during Monday’s meeting. “These appointments do not serve me or the council, they serve the community. And there should be checks and balances and diversity of non-politically motivated individuals.”

The issue blew up last month, when instead of accepting Distler’s choice for the planning commission, the council voted 6-1 to suspend all of her nominations to city boards until a new mayor is elected. Distler is not seeking reelection in November. A new mayor will take office by January.

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'Partisan, divisive, combative': Johnson County city officials try to hamstring mayor

If the City Council members have their way, the mayor won't be able to appoint anyone to anything for the rest of her term.