Science Seyz Sun Scorches Future Kansas City

An expert at the city college offers very dire predictions on this humid-ass afternoon.

Here's yet another peek at skyfall and impending doom in these last 8 years we have together . . .

What can Kansas City expect in years to come, as climate change brings even higher temperatures across the globe?

“In the future, we might experience more and more of these types of heat wave events,” said University of Missouri-Kansas City assistant professor Fengpeng Sun, who studies urban climates, sustainability and the future of climate change.

Sun says that levels of rain and snow will become more extreme, with some periods of very high precipitation and other periods of drought.

Urban areas like Kansas City are often hotter than suburban and rural areas because they have a higher prevalence of dark materials like asphalt and concrete, Sun said. These materials absorb solar radiation during the day and release heat at night.

“The temperature above those asphalt and concrete materials,” Sun said, “is going to be much hotter than the other surfaces.”

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This is one of Kansas City's hottest summers ever. How will we survive future heat waves?

Climate change will continue to raise temperatures in urban areas like Kansas City. But planting more vegetation and using more reflective building materials can help cool things down.