Sacred Red Rock Returns To Kaw

Actually . . . A neat look at the history of Kansas today that will be recognized by the Guv.

Here's a bit of backstory . . .

The project to return the Sacred Red Rock (Íⁿ’zhúje’waxóbe) to the Kaw people began in 2019 with the "Between a Rock and a Hard Place" Interchange Grant project hosted by the City of Lawrence and Douglas County commissions.

In 2021, Lawrence city officials and county officials from Kansas apologized to the Kaw Nation for the appropriation of the Sacred Red Rock (Íⁿ’zhúje’waxóbe) and agreed to its unconditional return to the Kaw people.

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Kansas Governor Kelly to Commemorate Return of Red Rock to Kaw Nation

Kansas, According to a media release, Kansas Governor Laura Kelly will meet with Kaw Nation leaders on August 29th at 10 am to commemorate the return of the Sacred Red