River Market Rampage Aftermath: Off Duty Cop Carjacked Whilst Saving Elderly Man

There was a lot of speculation about this story during the week so it's important to get the deets nailed down.

Here are notes from the inciting incident . . . 

On Aug. 22, police were dispatched to East 3rd Street and Grand Boulevard near The City Diner on reports of an armed carjacking just before 11 a.m., according to court documents.

Police allege SUSPCT had walked behind an elderly man, who authorities believe he did not know, and shouted “I’m going to kill you!” Then, SUSPECT beat the man over the head with a construction sign, stomped on his chest and poured liquid over him, according to sworn testimony by an officer.

As the man lay on the ground, SUSPECT allegedly kicked him in the back of the head twice. and threw a plastic cup at his head. The man attempted to pull a firearm from his pocket. He pointed it at THE SUSPECT, but the 43-year-old allegedly grabbed it, redirecting it toward the man. SUSPECT pulled the trigger, only to find the weapon was unloaded, according to court documents.

An off-duty police sergeant flagged down by a Kansas City Area Transportation Authority supervisor attempted to help the elderly man. SUSPECT then allegedly pointed the firearm at the arriving sergeant and pulled the trigger. No bullets were fired.

The sergeant ran for cover, leaving behind his BMW. SUSPECT allegedly commandeered the car and fled the scene. Two guns were inside the personal vehicle at the time.

Two things . . .

Technically this locale is within walking distance from BOTH downtown stadium options for somebody in good shape. 

More importantly . . .

Right on the streetcar line . . . And near a ton of taxpayer subsidized luxury condo developments. This is a sign that gentrification is often harder than it looks.

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Man charged after high-speed police pursuit ends with a BMW crashing into KCK home

Van Calvin Callahan, 43, was charged in a Missouri federal court for an armed carjacking, after he allegedly led police on a high-speed chase across state lines and crashed into a KCK home.