Progressives Tag Prairie Village Grassroots Zoning Petition As Racist

The local news cartel backhands JoCo locals with racism even if the right to petition government is at the core of a Constitutional Republic.

Check this bit of biased backstory reporting . . . 

This conflict began over a year ago, when the City Council told its staff to explore possibilities for multi-family housing in neighborhoods zoned for single-family homes.

To members of PV United, that threatened the very core of why Prairie Village is somewhat affectionately known as “Perfect Village” — nice houses, tree-lined residential streets and an exclusive community affordable mostly to middle- and upper-class families. Nearly a century after the racist housing covenants of the city’s architects, Prairie Village remains 92% white.

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The zoning dispute that has Prairie Village warring with itself over housing

The issue of Prairie Village rezoning has left the quiet Kansas City suburb more divided than ever. Now, a group wants to kick out half of the City Council.