Again, we love Perfect Village but they seem none too pleased with the direction of their Democracy.

Here's a quick note and more info about the sitch . . . 


Last night at the special City Council meeting, your elected Council members refused to accept the will of thousands of Prairie Village residents.  Instead, they chose to use legal means to stifle our voices and prevent the county-certified petitions from going to a vote. The Kansas statutes were followed and Citizens legally have the right to vote. Council’s UNANIMOUS vote to approve legal funds to “defend the city’s position” is a way to postpone an opportunity for the residents to vote in November.  Justice delayed is justice denied!
UNANIMOUS!  This means that NOT ONE Council member is willing to acknowledge the overwhelming citizen support in favor of taking these issues to a vote. They were elected to represent you, not their own political agendas.  For over 15 months they have simply refused to listen. One thing is certain, you WILL be able to vote for new Council members on November 7.  Get out to vote!!
In this disgraceful display of unchecked authority, the Prairie Village City Council is using taxpayer funds to prevent a democratic vote and remain in power.  This is nothing short of the Council stealing your due process rights, funded by you!
Do not be fooled.  Council members have stooped to calling us all racists and fascists for demanding reasonable accountability.  They will not accept that nearly 4,000 Prairie Village citizens are standing up to their heavy-handed tactics. This is about your community, your rights and the very fabric of our neighborhoods.
The Council’s unanimous decision is not reasonable or right. Now legal remedies will be pursued to give the people a voice at the ballot box.

We need your support now more than ever. Stay informed and demand the truth!
PV United Residents for the Right to Vote and STOP Rezoning 


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Prairie Village asks for judge opinion on petitions to change government, zoning

A Johnson County judge will now decide if three petitions to make changes in Prairie Village government comply with state law.

Next steps for Prairie Village resident petitions unclear

The county cleared signatures on the three Stop Rezoning Prairie Village petitions, but is asking the city to determine whether the petitions are valid.