Police Share Deets & Request Prayers After Deadly Mission Quiktrip Shootout

Police Share Deets & Request Prayers After Deadly Mission Quiktrip Shootout

There are a lot of updates on this story but we think the latest from this suburban lawman is the most informative statement we've found so far . . .

Fairway Chief of Police, J.P. Thurlo issued a statement via email in regard to the officer that was shot.

“As you are aware, one of our police officers was shot and critically wounded this morning while trying to make an arrest in a neighboring community. Upon hearing the call for assistance, our officer courageously and without hesitation responded to help. These brave actions are reflective of the men and women in law enforcement in our community, and throughout this country, who put on the badge knowing the potential dangers they may face in the course of their duties,” J.P. Thurlo stated. “At this time, the officers condition remains critical. We will have more information about the officer in the coming days. Tonight, I ask for thoughts and prayers for the officer and his family, and request privacy for the officer’s family and for the Fairway Police Department. We are grateful for those who have already expressed their support for our department, and who will in the days ahead.”

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Fairway police officer critically wounded after shootout with stolen car suspect

A police pursuit for a stolen vehicle that hit a police car started at one QuikTrip location and ended at another Sunday morning.

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