Paddy & Brit Mahomes Ride Bull Gently

We're get more critical in a bit . . . For now this is just a glimpse behind the scenes of Super Bowl champ good life and good times . . . Check-it . . .

Check out these clips, obtained by TMZ, that shows the couple riding it together ... Brittany up front, and Patty in the back. As you can tell, it wasn't going too hard whatsoever -- these mechanical bulls can mess people up -- but that was far from the case here. Nice and easy!

Still, PM fell off first ... and it wasn't long after that Brittany went flying too. Again, it's pretty clear the operators of the bull weren't trying to bust them up ... they are KC royalty, after all.

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Patrick Mahomes & Wife Get Easy Mechanical Bull Ride Ahead of Season

Patrick and Brittany Mahomes went for a not-so-wild ride on a mechanical bull earlier this summer, and still fell off.