Old School Hording Probs Worsen In Kansas

Granny makes her departure even worse . . . Here's the science that proves as much . . .

Most estimates peg the prevalence of hoarding at around 2.5% of the general population, says Randy Frost, a professor emeritus of psychology at Smith College and longtime expert on the disorder. But among older adults, the prevalence is likely much higher.

“The behavior itself appears to start early in life,” Frost said. “But, most of the time, when we see someone with a clinically significant hoarding problem, they tend to be older.”

The number of Kansans 65 and older grew 30% between 2010 and 2020, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. New projections by Wichita State University predict that age cohort will grow the fastest over the next 50 years — more than twice as fast as younger cohorts.

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Aging population and scarce mental health care put more Kansans at risk of hoarding

Experts worry hoarding is on the rise in Kansas amid a lack of support for those who struggle with it, straining families and communities.