Newspaper Crisis Retrospective: Karma For Karen OR Po-Po Patsy

Check this aftermath report about the misadventures of a lady caught in beef that quickly moved out of her control . . . To be fair, even if she wanted speak with your manager . . . She probably wasn't out to destroy the 1st Amendment . . .  Check-it . . .

"Because as hurt and attacked as Keri Newell feels — lifted by her defenders, but also vilified by fresh critics — she also remains defiant, unapologetic and righteous in her belief that whatever villains exist in the controversy that has engulfed Marion, she is not one of them. In her view, she is being unfairly demonized."

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She's called 'killer,' 'Hitler.' At center of Kansas newspaper raid, she remains defiant

Restaurant owner Kari Newell is the reason police and sheriff's deputies confiscated Marion County Record equipment. The publisher died.