Newsflash: Economically Sustainable Northland Development Also Costs Big Bucks

I noticed a few creeps comment about this earlier in the week but it was easy to write-off the paid hack from BNIM who gets paid 6-figures to write mean tweets.

Here's what none of the civic minded locals bothered to mention  . . .

"Mayor Lucas received $8,150 from Chaves — the most compared to other council members. "

Credit to KCUR for including this tidbit in their report . . . Even if it was about half a dozen paragraphs down . . . Remember, most people only read headlines. 

Also . . . We've talked about this development and it provides about 5K jobs  and a path to real world development . . . Unlike so many other money pits KC seems fond of supporting ad infinitum. 

Don't get it twisted . . . We don't have any love for the chubby rich kid who still hasn't figured out that starting a nonprofit is a smarter way to spend the money his dad earned. He likely won't read this because his Northland handlers won't let him in order to keep getting their cut.

Read more via link . . .

Kansas City Council gave $700,000 to a donor who wants to build roundabouts near the airport

Richard Chaves Jr. pumped nearly $30,000 into city council campaigns during the most recent election cycle. He wants to build roundabouts, a parking garage and commercial space near the airport - and wants city money to do it.