Newsflash: Coach Is Stupid


Actually, we admired most of our coaches growing up . . . Even more so nowadays given that we are volunteering for NOTHING to help the future.  

Still . . .

A bit of guidance for parents and a reason tell so many chubby grade school linebackers to stay inside and play video games this week . . .

"Health officials say even parents keeping a watchful eye on their children may not always be able to pick up on invisible warning signs of heat exhaustion such as confusion, agitation or irritation."

This one hits home for TKC given that so much of our youth was spent watching friends pass out during two-a-day football practices as we angrily, silently scorned soccer players drinking juice boxes and eating orange slices whilst kicking a ball around at half speed . . . All whilst getting beat up by bigger, stronger white people . . . Which was actually a PERFECT preparation for adult life.  

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Heat illness at forefront of parents', coaches' minds as practices start

As dangerous heat smothers the Kansas City area, teams like the KC Gators Youth Sports Organization are making sure their players and coaches stay healthy.