Newflash: PIAC Meetings Are Rigged

As always, we attempt to save time and money for anybody who honestly wants to make a genuine request of Kansas City local government. PIAC probably isn't the place. 

A vague political mean-tweet is probably more effective and easier than standing in a room of the civic set who already have funding locked in . . . Still, here's more info on the process for brave souls . . .

PIAC representatives are appointed by members of the City Council, which were elected on June 20 and inaugurated on August 1. The representatives review PIAC requests submitted for potential funding from the following year’s fiscal budget. The funding for PIAC projects comes from the 1% sales tax.

Applications for PIAC Year 41 are due by September 15. Individuals or groups will receive notification of PIAC’s decision the following April. If a project is selected for funding this cycle, the funds for the projects will be allocated to the appropriate City department after May 1, 2024.

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