MSM Hates Country Music Trends

Sorry, I wasn't here for this debate because my rule for country music is the same has hip-hop . . . I don't really like anything that was produced after 1995. 

In fact, this blog is powered by jazz, classical music, low-fi chill and the very best of yacht rock because it helps me type.

Still . . . The argument over trending country songs seems kind of manufactured . . . Yet here's the local paper chain taking the bait . . . 

"They exploit and feed off the simplicity and misconceptions of rural people. The working class is angry and rightfully so. The rich are getting filthier, the middle class is shrinking and the poor are getting poorer.

"These modern country anthems are capturing that anger. But they are taking that anger, weaving it through dangerous tropes and ultimately working against the very blue collar workers the songs claim to advocate for."

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Rural America deserves better than 'Try That in a Small Town' and 'Rich Men North of Richmond' | Opinion

Country music singers Jason Aldean and Oliver Anthony exploit rural American communities' anger, helping the rich keep the poor down.