MLB Commish Excited About Kansas City Metro Taxpayers Funding Billionaire Owner

Something to consider in this conversation: 

No matter where the team lands . . . The multi-billion dollar baller cartel stays winning.

Here's a sales pitch for public subsidy and nothing besides . . .

"The fact that in Kansas city, there are two sites, just of unbelievably high quality that are available for the building of a ballpark is a tremendous opportunity for this community, forget for the Royals, for the community," Major League Baseball Commissioner Rob Manfred said on stage.

One of the two stadium sites is in the East Village of the downtown in Jackson County, just northeast of E. 12th and Cherry Street.

The other site the Royals are considering is in North Kansas City in Clay County.

The Royals have played baseball in Jackson County and Kansas City, Missouri, proper since their first year in existence, in 1969.

"I think both of them present the opportunity for entertainment district development around the ballpark," Manfred said.

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