Mayor Q's Mostly Useless Kansas City Firearm Tech Crackdown Moves Forward

The consensus from the public . . . 

These efforts represent the Beltway progressive agenda & they'll have negligible impact on local violence. 

Nevertheless, here's the latest update . . .

(Mayor) Lucas introduced two ordinances during a city council committee meeting Wednesday.

If passed, the first ordinance would ban switches that are used to modify guns to make them fire rounds quicker. Federal law already makes it illegal to possess, manufacture, transport, repair, or sell machine guns, modified semi-automatic weapons.

The second would make it illegal to give a gun to a minor, or sell ammunition to a juvenile, without first having permission of the child’s guardian.

The ordinances passed out of the council’s Transportation and Public Safety committee and members recommended the full council pass both ordinances.

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Kansas City mayor's new gun control plans gain support

Kansas City Mayor Quinton Lucas introduced two gun control ordinances that gained support and passed out of committee.