Mayor Q Minions Continue War Against Northland On Hijacked Reddit

Here's the thing . . . 

We could have a debate about roundabouts, jobs for the Northland and the allocation of resources. 

There's certainly a lot to consider in this bit of controversial legislation . . . 


Let's think about this rationally for a second . . . EVERYBODY'S HANDS ARE DIRTY when it comes to corporate giveaways in Kansas City so the search for the moral high ground on taxpayer cash is laughable at best. 

However, what's really frustrating . . .

Mayor Q's team is too smart for public discussion.

Instead . . . They only talk to their supporters and shut out every dissenting or questioning voice.

Today's example . . .

We're not afraid to reference this one-sided screed against Northland resources that would offer better access for about 1200 new jobs worth a lot more to the local tax base than 5 million bucks.

Sadly, there's no debate . . . No discussion and anybody who doesn't agree with the group is shut out. 

The same is basically true with Reddit and social media. 

It's all a private party where political branding is more important than any kind of informed discussion.

And so . . . That's why continue wasting our time on this blog.

We welcome most comments and our trusted members get free reign of the comments. 

Meanwhile . . . Most Kansas City politicos duck and dodge any kind of tough questions or conversation and hide behind walled gardens.

You decide . . .