Maybe DON'T Take Investment Advice From Mahomes & Kelce

Actually . . . Do your own homework and don't trust bloggers either. 

Thing of it is . . . When you hear about Super Bowl champs & their latest investments, that's because companies WANT YOU to hear about it . . . It's part of their promotion, not really a sound financial plan.

We can only hope that most investors already know this . . . But given the abundance of free money and sketchy economic plans . . . There is no underestimating the public's willingness sign onto any number of sketchy financial plans.

Accordingly . . . Here's a recent roundup . . .

Mahomes, a recent Whataburger franchisee, also is an owner in the Kansas City Royals and Kansas City Current. Mahomes’ investment portfolio also includes brands such as wearable fitness tracker and health coach company Whoop; sports drink manufacturer BioSteel; and community bank American State Bank, among other investments.

Kelce’s investment portfolio is filled with companies such as Casa Azul Tequila Soda; eco-friendly bottled water manufacturer ZenWTR; athlete-owned media network PlayersTV; and several other companies.

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Mahomes, Kelce invest in popular Kansas City-area pickleball concept

North Kansas City-based Chicken N Pickle recently secured $10 million in debt financing, including investors Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce.