Let's Revel In Kansas City Royals Downtown Stadium Conspiracy Theories

In the aftermath of a big nothing of a press event, let's take a moment to consider a few conspiracy theories that keep coming up  . . .

1. Kansas City Royals aren't seriously considering NKC, they're just teasing. 

At this point it's pretty obvious they are "in talks" with NKC officials and making elected leaders put themselves out on a limb isn't a good look for any organization . . . Especially a franchise that typically sits at the bottom on MLB standings. 

2. There's nothing wrong with Kauffman, the Royals should & will just stay there. 

That's great logic but using that theory . . . There really wasn't any reason for our ancestors to slither out of the primordial ooze. Staying put and being content with having less isn't the way the world works, in fact, some would say that's downright Un-American. Nobody should expect a billionaire to do more with less. 

3. East Village is a great idea!?!

Said almost nobody. Again, this is the Achilles heel of the debate . . . The East Village is a no-man's land right now that's mostly populated by angry hobos. Actually, if billionaire John Sherman plunks down a couple of billion bucks and works to revitalize this area . . . Then he deserves the respect of everybody in Kansas City proper . . . But there's a contradiction from the outset . . . 

The kind of guy who would dedicate his billions to urban redevelopment is NOT the kind of guy who would play two metropolitan cities against each other. 

Effective altruism aside . . . We've seen how John Sherman negotiates and how he runs his franchise. Dude is NOT a philanthropist at heart.

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