Legal Fight After Kansas City Old School Northland White Dude Shot Black Teen

For many this trial is about "justice" for others its a case of "competence" and motive.

Either way . . . The proceedings are unlikely to change harsh feelings about this incident that was ultimately settled in the court of public opinion and now almost completely forgotten by activists on to their next outrage. 

Still . . .

Here's the very real legal question in play . . . 

Lester has maintained his innocence, pleading not guilty to the charges. This upcoming hearing is expected to last multiple days.

Nearly 40 subpoenas have been filed in the case, according to online court records in Missouri.

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Andrew Lester, accused of shooting Ralph Yarl twice, back in court on Thursday

Andrew Lester, the man accused of shooting teenager Ralph Yarl on his front step, is set to appear in court Thursday to face assault charges.

White Kansas City man who shot Black teen Ralph Yarl faces preliminary hearing this week

Andrew "Dan" Lester, 84, has a preliminary hearing in Clay County Court on Thursday and Friday, where the high-profile case will be held with limited media coverage and a gag on what attorneys can say outside of court.

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