KU Med Experiments With A.I.

On the bright side . . . A robot probably won't call the cops when TKC requests a sponge bath and a mole check when validating parking. 

Here's a glimpse at hands not much colder than most physicians and a bedside manner that at least wants to simulate something vaguely humanoid . . .

The University of Kansas Health System said doctors can spend up to five hours a day charting, but Abridge can drastically cut that down to an hour or less.

"We're excited about the technology and the advancements it's providing us," added Tony Jenkins, who is the assistant director of I.T. Initiatives at KU Health System.

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KU hospital using AI technology to help doctors with lengthy paperwork

An app developed in 2018 called "Abridge" is helping doctors save time while allowing patients to better understand and retain what their doctor tells them.