KK Pokes Around Facui Book & Offers EXCELLENT Interview

A conversation that you won't see in mainstream media . . . Check the this report from KC's top conservative talker . . .

"Breaking down everything Fauci and our government did wrong from day one, and the onslaught of patients he sees dealing with side effects from the jab they forced on so many.  This is a must listen interview."

Read more via www.TonysKansasCity.com link . . .

"Fauci's Fiction" is THE Book on How the USA Screwed Up Covid and the Current Health Crisis it Created | Kevin Kietzman Has Issues

After interviewing Dr. Michael Schwartz, author of "Fauci's Fiction," I'm hopeful we will never, ever allow the government and media to control us again like they did during Covid. Dr. Schwartz is the most interesting author you'll hear this year.