KK Considers 'Redskins' Return Petition Name Checking Kansas City Chiefs

If you don't listen to KK . . . You really don't know what's happening in the sports world. 

The conservative sports talker provides a unique perspective and a wealth of resources that's unmatched by any other local sports news outlet.

In this latest show KK informs listeners about a surprising movement that has been downplayed by the mainstream media because it challenges the narrative assigned to indigenous Americans. 

Even better, there's a local connection . . .

In its letter to the Washington Commanders, signed by Eunice Davidson, the group's founder and president, the group points to a poll that found that 90% of Native Americans did not find the Redskins name offensive. The group also pointed to how other sports teams, including the Kansas City Chiefs and the Chicago Blackhawks, have kept their Native American-inspired names while recognizing that the names carry "an obligation of honor and respect."

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