KCPS likely NEVER Giving Back Tax Cash

The KCPS is one of the priciest institutions in the metro wherein locals fund the district with EPIC sums and don't get much in return for their money. 

However, we share this fact check . . .


So don't hold your breath . . . Merely enjoy this consideration . . .

Now the question is whether the district will voluntarily lower its mill levy, which is $4.9599.

"So, our proposal rate for 2023 to the board would be a top total tax levy of $4.9599." Chief Financial Officer Erin Thompson said to the committee.

One thing making it difficult for the school district is Senate Bill 190, which Gov. Mike Parson signed. It freezes property taxes for seniors 62 and older.

"I know there's some pressure to roll back the levy," school board member Jamekia Kendrix said during Thursday's meeting.

"But if we don't have any understanding of what taxes we would be able to collect or what that would look like because we have this legislation up in the air that may be retroactive, it makes it really difficult for us to come up with a calculation."

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KCPS leaders avoid discussion about tax levy after Thursday meeting

Kansas City Public Schools held a finance ad hoc committee meeting Thursday morning at their district headquarters. One thing that was discussed was their tax levy.