KCPS Climate Change Indoctrination?!?

20-year-old Greta Thunberg still has a lot to teach us . . . She seems serious about risking her biscuit for a cause that she believes in . . . Which is more than we can say about most people who mostly start cursing their maker when the Wi-Fi goes out.

Still . . . Today we were presented with an interesting counterpoint an TKC reader analysis of recent local climate action . . .

"TKC, I hope you know that all of this sensationalism and hype about the weather is nothing but propaganda. In particular, KCPS letting students out early is pure indoctrination. They are trying to brainwash us. Summer is supposed to be hot and this isn't even one of the hottest we've seen here in KC. Stick that in your pipe and smoke it!"

I'll bite . . .

I have an alternative theory . . . KCPS letting students out is actually a good move, it's not like they were learning much anyway and there's no point inflicting suffering when the net benefit is nil. 

However . . . The topic of heat and so many other conspiracy theories gives us a chance to round up a few more local news items . . .

Read more via www.TonysKansasCity.com link . . .

Temperatures inside Kansas City schools are so hot, students are being sent home early

Kansas City Public Schools, which does not have central air conditioning in many of its secondary schools, will release all students early for the rest of the week because of safety concerns. Other districts in the area are canceling outdoor sports, moving recess indoors or encouraging staff to wear shorts.

Another way to measure heat: wet bulb globe temperature

The wet bulb globe temperature is a measure of heat stress on the body during physical activity, OSHA and sports medicine trainers use it to keep people safe.

KC-area organizations working to help homeless in extreme heat

Many people in the Kansas City metro can't escape the heat, since there's nowhere for them to go.

WEATHER BLOG: Weather balloon data shows just how unusual this hot weather is for our area

Something incredible happened this week.

Midwest heat wave takes toll on high school sports practices in Kansas City area

High school athletic teams across Kansas City are having to make adjustments due to the extreme heat wave.

Bar K adjusts hours to keep dogs, humans cool

The popular dog park and restaurant is closing their park during daytime hours while the hot temperatures are here.

Developing . . .