There's something worth talking about amid a boring free speech and small town Kansas newspaper grudge match.

Yeah, 1st Amendment yada, yada, yada . . .


Did I get the grammar right on that???

Don't care.

The point here is that this increasingly sordid story connects to Kansas City in a delightfully embarrassing way that local newsies will struggle to report. 

Thankfully . . .

Global tabloids have done all of our heavy lifting . . . TKC merely gets to enjoy some of the savory deets that make this story less important for political hacks trying to prove joyless partisan talking points and far more fun for those of us who revel in news smut . . . Here's the best part of the story reported by our British betters at the Daily Mail:

"The Marion County Record received an 'outpouring of calls,' Eric Meyer said, claiming (Gideon) Cody had retired from his last police post to avoid demotion over sexual misconduct allegations.

"Meyer said his newspaper was contacted by Cody's former colleagues about the claims of sexual misconduct, but that the six-plus anonymous sources ultimately never went on the record and reporters could not obtain Cody's personnel file.

"Kansas City police have refused to reveal whether Cody was accused of sexual misconduct while working at their force.

"Meyer said the identity of the sources was on the computer servers, which Cody's team seized."

And so what we can learn from this hot mess so far??? We still have a lot of questions . . .

Was it the sexual deets that killed the old lady?!?

Will KCPD keep silent on the smutty allegations or will publicity and public interest force them to give up the goods in order to protect the Constitution?!?

Will newsies blush when the best part of this coverage all comes down to dirty talk and bedroom allegations, rumors, innuendo and . . . Gasp . . . Sex.

Perspective . . . 

The KCMO metro isn't new to this kind of drama and we remember that former Sheriff Sharp confronted a bit of quickly passing embarrassment when his sex scandal hit the news . . . And, just like we're warning now . . . Local media quickly forgot about the story because it made everyone blush.   

However . . . In the end, it was all pretty anti-climactic and just one more story that erodes public faith & trust in EVERYONE . . . Which is healthy, life-affirming, very American and sexy. 

Thinking . . . And all this pretty much proves my point that we're lucky that KCPD and metro police operate with a great deal of PROFESSIONALISM and small town flexing isn't really part of our local tradition. And that's why we feel comfortable in sharing this tabloid reporting front & center in an effort to practice what we preach and confirm that our metro po-po are just a bit better than rural smokies right now.

Moreover . . .

The sexual deets make this story more interesting but also a bit less important as the hyperbolic progressive journalism (lulz) becomes eye-roll inducing and nonprofit news nerds would rather endlessly debate overwrought Constitutional concerns rather than far more exciting ALLEGED carnal motives. 

With that . . .

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Small Kansas town's top cop was investigated for sexual misconduct

Gideon Cody, the chief of Marion County police in Kansas, was being investigated by his local newspaper. On Friday his entire police department raided the newspaper's offices.

Small-town Kansas paper was probing 'Gestapo' police chief over sex claims before he raided it

The Marion County Record was raided by cops led by local police chief Gideon Cody over claims it invaded a DUI offender's privacy. A day later its co-owner, 98, died.

Developing . . .