Kansas State Senator Mike Thompson Talks Higher JoCo Taxes & Government Jobs

A risky move for any politico that we think is worth documenting . . .

The GOP politico is attempting to walk a thin line betwixt criticizing government workers and espousing typical tax fighter sentiment.

Bottom line . . . It's the American way . . . Everybody wants to cut THE OTHER GUY'S throat. 

Here's his overly wordy post recently shared to socials . . .

"Clairvoyance was not required to forecast the outcome of the vote by the Johnson County Board of County Commissioners last night. The packed house of irate taxpayers knew the fix was in and the 5-2 vote for an increase in taxes was a foregone conclusion.

"Only Commissioners O’Hara and Ashcraft demonstrated an understanding of the plight of the taxpayer by voting “no”.

"Commissioners Meyers, Hanzlick, Kelly, Allenbrand, and Fast were impervious to the pleas for help and relief, and voted to increase your tax rates in excess of 11% over the current rates.  Never mind that all but one other taxing authority are ALSO raising their revenue neutral tax rate.

"In my personal case, nine of the ten taxing entities affecting my property tax are increasing their taxes…and I know its similar for everyone else. The crowd of citizens who showed up to comment on the tax increases made that abundantly clear in their remarks that took nearly 3 hours. Most would have considered a vote for a flat budget a victory. But that was never going to be the case with this county commission."

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Kansas State Senator Mike Thompson: "Apparently, those commissioners voting “yes” are oblivious to the fact that taxpayers who do not work for the government are footing the bill for government workers’ pay, benefits, and retirement accounts…in addition to having to pay their own bills, and hopefully have enough left at the end of the paycheck to put something away in their own retirement plan."