Kansas 'Pretendian' Crisis Cont'd

One of the more interesting TKC readers shared a worthwhile update that our blog community should check. 

Even better . . . Here's the money line and the crux of the debate . . .

Universities are often eager to hire as many outspokenly Native American faculty members as possible because this gives them access to funding, such as the Melon Foundation NAIS grant for Native American and indigenous studies, Keeler said.

Universities are also hesitant to question ancestry claims because of the possibility of being sued for violating anti-discrimination laws, according to journalist Jacqueline Keeler.

“During the Civil Rights movement, all we [Native Americans] wanted was to be equal researchers instead of just a research subject,” Keeler said, “Now 60 years later, academia has responded by hiring pretendians who are white people larping as Natives.”

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Three University of Kansas professors now accused of falsely claiming Native American ancestry | The College Fix

Accusers say all three professors are white and have built careers on false claims.