Kansas Newspaper Raid Roundup: Local MSM Politely Ignores Deets

Here's what TKC is watching . . . 


In fact . . . 

The Kansas City Star Pulitzer nominee plays chicken and just mentions "personal" drama whilst mostly focusing on silly progressive talking points. 

In the meantime . . .

Once again the Daily Mail comes to the rescue with this summary that offers an INTERNATIONAL perspective on small town crisis . . . Here's a quote from their work . . .

"Kari Newell accused the Marion County Record of getting information illegally about her previous DUI as she was trying to obtain a liquor license

"She triggered the search - which shocked the newspaper's co-owner Joan Meyer so much that she died the next day

"This all started when Newell stood up at a council meeting on August 7, accusing multiple people of having her data, and threatening legal action . . ." 

The story is gaining momentum but here's kicker and the question that needs to answered . . .


I guess the bar has been raised from just wanting to talk to your manager.

And again . . . Here's the local connection reported by the Daily Mail, New York Post & others that Kansas City media are downplaying and haven't really mentioned in the past 24 hours . . . 

"The police chief who led the raid, Gideon Cody, had recently left the Kansas City Police Department where he was a captain after 24 years. And Meyer's newspaper had subsequently looked into the alleged sexual misconduct charges against him . . ."

Spoiler alert . . . This morning the Wichita Eagle is calling for the chief to be fired. 

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With a search warrant in hand, police raided the office of The Marion County Record and the home its publisher Eric Meyer shared with his mother, Joan Meyer.

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As the furor over police raiding the Marion County Record boils and bubbles, I want to take a step back today.

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Marion Police Chief Gideon Cody has damaged the reputation not only of Marion, but the entire state of Kansas.

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