Kansas Newsie Launches Federal Lawsuit After Police Raid FAIL

An inevitable aftermath and probably just the first legal action after this journalism crackdown suffered push back from across the globe.

Here are the basics and links to more info . . .

Debbie Gruver, a reporter at the “Marion County Record,” filed the lawsuit against Marion, Kansas Police Department Chief Gideon Cody on Wednesday. The lawsuit claims Cody violated Gruver’s First Amendment and Fourth Amendment Rights.

In the lawsuit Gruver says Cody signed and executed an illegal search warrant on August 11.

It was an illegal search because it violated state and/or federal laws in place to protect journalists from search and seizure of journalistic materials. The lawsuit also claims there was not a sufficient link between the alleged crime and the three locations officers searched.

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'Emotional distress': Marion County newspaper reporter files federal lawsuit against police chief

Deb Gruver and her attorneys filed the lawsuit on Wednesday, court records show.

Kansas reporter files first federal lawsuit after newspaper raid

Kansas reporter for the Marion County Record files a federal lawsuit against Police Chief Gideon Cody.

Marion County Record reporter sues police chief for emotional distress, physical injury following raid

A Marion County Record reporter has filed the first federal lawsuit against the Marion Police Department and its chief following the raid on the newsroom.

Marion County Record reporter sues police chief, alleging newspaper raid was retaliation

The August 11 raid was ostensibly undertaken under the pretense that a reporter committed identity theft by accessing public records on a public website. A new lawsuit from veteran journalist Deb Gruver contends that the Marion Police Chief's real motivation was to punish the newspaper for its investigations.

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