Kansas Guv Kelly Launches PAC

Everybody wants to play kingmaker . .  Here's the Kansas politico imagining continued influence after her 2nd term is complete . . . Check-it . . .

She’s not breaking new ground by creating a PAC to exert influence on legislative contests. For example, Democratic Gov. Kathleen Sebelius led Bluestem Fund while it spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to bankroll mail and radio advertising for Democratic candidates. U.S. Rep. Lynn Jenkins, the Kansas Republican who left Congress in 2019, formed a PAC in 2016 to raise money for state legislative candidates.

“I’ve always been middle of the road,” Kelly said. “That’s how I’ve governed — by bringing Democrats and Republicans together to meet in the middle. Kansans expect their leaders to work together and pass common sense policies like expanding Medicaid, funding our schools and cutting taxes to help our families. This PAC will support Kansas leaders who put politics aside and work with me to deliver policies that help families thrive.”

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Gov. Laura Kelly forms PAC to support moderate GOP, Democratic legislative candidates - Kansas Reflector

Democratic Gov. Laura Kelly said on the Kansas Reflector podcast she launched a PAC to support moderate GOP and Democratic legislative candidates in 2024.