Kansas City Will Watch Soccer & Like It

Here's news to everyone who reads this blog . . . There was a Women's World Cup winner today!!! Sadly, knowing this fact of life will help locals become a better person when we finally admit that our phones are nothing more or less than the first part of a global social credit system.

In the meantime, here's a peek at the ratings game . . .

Lucky for Fox, which owns the U.S. English-language broadcasting rights, the country’s growing interest in soccer and, more generally, in women’s sports (both of which have been heavily influenced by the USWNT’s previous wins) helped buoy the tournament.

“What’s been proven in this World Cup is that the Women’s World Cup really is here to stay as a major event,” Michael Mulvihill, Fox’s president of insights and analytics, told Deadline, calling the challenging time zones “just a little bit of a speed bump.”

“I don’t think that it affects the longer term popularity,” Mulvihill added.

Due to the vastly different time zones, Fox worked closely with FIFA to ensure that a majority of the USA’s matches would air during primetime on the east coast to maximize viewership.

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