Kansas City Trash Collection Getting Worse?!?

Tomorrow is trash day for a big chunk of Midtown and we wanted to take a moment to look at this underrated aspect of local life.

The big question . . .


For most the answer is affirmative but in the face of rising taxes and overwhelming corporate subsidy, the topic has become increasingly grating . . . 

From one top echelon insider . . .

"Is it too much to ask for the city to pick up trash and that residents shouldn't be shot while trying to take out their garbage??? KCMO has mostly FAILED in this regard." 

Even worse . . . This topic has been trending for years across Kansas City.

We noticed worsening complaints in Brookside but even the Northland is now starting to gripe and Midtown, Westside neighborhoods are noting the Kansas City's trashy trend. 

So far city hall seems more concerned with recycling efforts amid election season and the topic didn't get much play during election season.

Fun fact that local news is soon to report on . . . 

A lot of locals are just putting their trash in recycling bins because it doesn't make a difference, it's all going to the landfill and recycling is a practical joke played on gullible plebs.

For now . . . All we can do is direct people to the KCMO 311 line and hope for the best.

Read more via www.TonysKansasCity.com link . . .

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