Kansas City Stoners Ask: Where Can We Bring Legal Weed?!?

Questions about marijuana rules & regs should be easy to answer . . . But things get a bit more complicated whilst delivering practical information to stoners.

And so . . . We let hipsters do their best to explain . . . Here's what they come up with . . .

"With the state law being so new, these kinds of questions are still getting worked out at the local level, and there’s still quite a bit of confusion among residents and officials about what’s allowed."

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Can I bring my weed into the music festival at the public park?

Fans line a barricade at the 2021 Roots N Blues music festival at Stephens Lake Park. Tickets for the 2022 festival are on sale on the festival's website. // Cleo Norman/Missourian So you're heading to the Evolution Festival this weekend in St.