Kansas City Stays Losing Jail Debate

Today we get a reminder about the inability of local politicos to cooperate with one another.

Sadly, despite so much access to tech and breaking edge communication software . . . There's really no collaboration across 12th & Oak.

One example out of many . . .

Council members expressed frustration that planning for Jackson County’s new jail began in 2019, but the city has yet to make a decision on whether to join the project. Quinton Lucas, who became mayor in summer 2019, accepted some accountability.

“There have been meetings for years and years, the problem is why weren’t those meetings doing more, why weren’t we getting somewhere? I hope what we get out of this is more people saying, ‘We are going to work hard to get somewhere to save money for the people of Kansas City and Jackson County.’ That’s where we need to be,” Lucas said.

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Jackson County, Kansas City, MO, jail collaboration could save taxpayers money

Jackson County legislators gave Kansas City, Missouri, council members until Sept. 15 to decide whether it wants build a detention center in collaboration with the county's current project.