Kansas City Star Imagines Unlikely Downtown Airport Shut Down

Today's cover story from the newspaper was pretty much a sign that they've given up this Summer. 

To their credit . . . 

Even the newspaper admits this is an unlikely scenario that should demand some kind of pro-rate price break for the poor people who paid to read this kind of garbage.

The money line . . . 

That would be an unpopular move among the top Kansas City businesses that use the airport — busier, actually, than Kansas City International Airport — or the celebrities and well-heeled Chiefs fans who find its close-in location convenient on game days. And it would be hard to pull off, something the ambitious young city manager said that he recognizes.

“We haven’t run the numbers at a high level, but if it’s going to be a problem, if it’s going to be an ongoing, long concern and challenge for us with development in Kansas City, it’s something we’re going to explore,” City Manager Brian Platt told The Star.

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Could Kansas City shutter downtown airport to make room for high-rise development?

Construction on at least a half dozen apartment towers has stalled because the FAA says they would interfere with flight paths to the downtown airport.