Kansas City Star Desperately Seeking Readers For Sketchy Editorials

Online . . . Editorial content and constant hateration drives traffic . . . Sadly, the newspaper can't compete with a better way of exchanging ideas via social media.

And so . . . They're offering the illusion of inclusion in exchange . . .

Our Kansas City Star Opinion team launched a survey last month, asking readers to let us know what topics interest you in these pages, and to encourage you to contribute your own letters and guest columns. I’m happy to say that we received a good number of well-thought out responses and suggestions.

Why do we care what you think? Smart media understands that we don’t exist in a vacuum. We are here to serve our readers by providing information to help make sense of a complicated world.

Here are your top 10 coverage suggestions in no particular order . . .

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We asked, you answered: Here's what Star readers want to see in our Opinion section

Many Kansas City-area residents took our survey about the important subjects they are interested in reading about. in editorials and columns