Kansas City Serving Tuesday: River Race, History Redux & Drone Wars

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Cleanup Cont'd

How to get rid of debris in Kansas City area after Sunday storms

Another round of severe thunderstorms means another round of debris clean-up for communities across the Kansas City area.

Diving Into The Dotte

World's longest non-stop river race kicks off in Kansas City, Kansas

The Missouri American Water MR340 kicked off Tuesday Aug. 1 in Kansas City Kansas. Participants will row until they reach St. Charles, Missouri.

Rock Chalk Vice Payments

Sports betting apps give away free bets worth millions of dollars. Kansans are subsidizing that

When Kansas lawmakers legalized sports betting, they seemingly gave lobbyists for casinos everything they wanted. That includes tax exemptions on promotional bets that are aimed at getting bettors hooked.

Show-Me Waterlogged History

30 years later: Remembering a key date from the Great Flood of 1993

Tuesday marks 30 years since the peak of "The Great Flood of 1993" in St. Louis. On Aug. 1, 1993, the Mississippi River crested at 49.6 feet in Downtown St. Louis, its highest point in modern U.S. history and nearly 20 feet above flood stage.

Boozing For Good Deeds

Local breweries participating in 'Pint for a Pint' donation campaign

The Community Blood Center's "Pint for a Pint" campaign at Boulevard Brewing, and more starts Aug. 1.

Adult Actress Vindication

'People used to mock my "pepperoni" boobs - now I've won awards for them'

Famed 'Library Girl' Kendra Sutherland - one of the few women in the adult industry to use her real name - revealed the hurtful comments people made about her when she was starting out

White House Doubts Emerge

Voters talk to New York Times about Biden's 'worrying' 'glitches' and call president 'less mentally capable'

The New York Times spoke to several voters about the 2024 election, including one who called out Biden's "glitches" and says that the President 'worries" him.

Progressives Need White People

Democrats launch a new effort to shore up white voters - by leaning into race

The White Stripe project is taking a more "data driven" approach to recapturing a bloc that has been lost to Democrats for years.

Veep Argues Education

Harris fires back at DeSantis offer to talk Florida's Black history curriculum

Vice President Harris on Tuesday fired back after Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis's offered to discuss his state's African American history standards following Florida's approval of controversial new rules for teaching the subject. "Right here in Florida, they plan to teach students that enslaved people benefited from slavery.

Tech Attacks Persist

Russia accuses Ukraine of drone attack on Moscow, hitting a tower for the 2nd time in 3 days

Russian authorities early Tuesday accused Kyiv of yet another attack on Moscow and its surroundings with drones, one of which hit a building in the capital that was damaged by a drone just days ago in a similar attack early Sunday.

Far East Fakery?!?

A zoo in China insists this is a bear, not a man in a bear suit

Video of the "bear" interacting with people at a zoo in the city of Hangzhou went viral, with many casting doubt on the animal's authenticity.

Merch-ing The Crowd

Madonna's daughter Lourdes Leon goes NUDE to model purses

Lourdes Leon has landed a new high-profile modeling gig. The daughter of Madonna and TV actor Carlos Leon was seen in racy images for the Australian fashion brand Dion Lee.

Cowtown Slice Of Life

Pizza Tascio Waldo brings New York style flair

"I took a year off in 2019 and I just dedicated it to making the crust of Pizza Tascio."

Forecast For Tonight  . . .

Severe weather remains threat for Tuesday evening as heat advisory persists

Tuesday afternoon will feature a mix of sun and clouds, as highs top out near 90 degrees. Humidity will make it feel like the triple digits, but we should stay below Heat Advisory criteria for those in the metro and areas north.

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