Kansas City Royals Tuesday Tease Treats Taxpayers To More B.S.

As expected, the Royals continue to play coy with Kansas City and treat the entire metro tax base like the ever-loving giving tree

One more time for the cheap seats because your 2nd favorite blogger is feeling a bit under the weather: 


And that's a good place to start . . . Magical numbers that no reasonable adult should believe . . .

"The Royals highlighted economic benefits from a new ballpark district, projecting that in the first year alone, the district could create $117 million in increased economic activity from additional gameday experiences with $68 million in spending from tourists traveling to games for a total of $185 million in regional economic output. Overall they estimated the impact a new ballpark district could have on the Kansas City area would be the creation of 20,000 jobs, with $2.8 billion of total economic output, through additional spending from fans and increased tourism."

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Whether the Kansas City Royals opt for a downtown stadium or moving to North Kansas City, the club hopes to put forth a sales-tax question for voters in Jackson County or Clay County in April 2024.

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