Kansas City Royals Fans Denounce 'Partnership' FAIL Of Owner John Sherman

Read and listen closely . . . Despite a recent union deal . . . It seems like even diehard cowtown baseball fans have become frustrated by the tactics of the front office . . . Here's an apt quote that proves our this truism . . .

“Partnership” has become one of team owner John Sherman’s favorite words as he continues to talk about the real estate development project he wants to fund with taxpayer money. Of course, he only uses the term when attempting to describe why unaffiliated citizens should help him pay for it. This completely disregards the reality that real partners don’t just fund such projects, they also profit from them. Does John Sherman intend to offer an equal share of his project’s earnings with the tax-paying public? I doubt it very seriously.

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The Royals step on yet another rake with latest press release

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